5 methods to improve Oily Skin


Oily skin, need to do a good job of cleaning every day, as well as moisturizing work, today we will learn how to care for oily skin

1. Eat less greasy fried food

Greasy, fried food contains a lot of fat, which provides a continuous supply of oil for the skin to secrete oil. As long as we have control and do not eat, and there is no raw material supply when secreting, the amount of secretion will certainly be reduced. It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. Therefore, the first step is to break the source

2. Cleaning

Daily cleaning to pay attention to oily T area, mainly forehead, nose, nasal wings on both sides, chin and other parts of the massage position. Spiral clearance, usually in a rotating manner, from bottom to top, from inside to outside. Especially in large pores, you can do a little deep massage to lure the grease out, and then rinse with water.

3. Regular exfoliation

The daily cleaning work of daily facial cleanser is only a part of the content floating on the skin cells, so we should regularly do college students' skin cleaning. Can be through regular use of exfoliating cream or choose a scrub cream to do a serious cleaning. The use of light management of the middle finger and ring finger gently massage, so not only can more effectively remove the waste cutin of skin tissue metabolism, such a skin will become cleaner, refreshing and shiny.

4. Use mask.

Daily cleansing mask is used to remove excess sebum dirt, in order to make the skin more comfortable, and more importantly, oily skin. Cleansing mask is to help remove the black head and acne effect in the pores, and is more effective in preventing acne. Oily skin every day in addition to cleansing mask fill the surface mask can also be applied, or can also make use of pearl powder homemade mask to improve the skin effect.

5. Regular life

In fact, if you want to completely and effectively control the amount of facial oil, the most fundamental way is to have a regular life and reasonable diet. To stay up less, reduce fried food, high-fat and spicy food intake, less exercise.