Is exfoliation rubbing mud really more effective? Is it to protect or destroy the face?


Is exfoliation rubbing mud really more effective? Is it to protect or destroy the face?

Friends in the north often take a bath in the bathhouse. If they don't come up with something, they always feel that they are not happy enough. For the face of horniness, there will be some people think, if not rub out some things, will feel that the effect is not good. So, exfoliation rub out of the "mud" more effective?

Next, let's talk about it

The topic of exfoliation


Why exfoliate?

Cuticle is the key to affect the appearance of the skin, the skin "bright and shiny" is mainly because the healthy cuticle can reflect the light regularly, so it looks very bright and moving. However, the skin is rough and "dull". The dry and scaly cuticle reflects light in a non specular way, making the skin appear gray. Therefore, the cuticle itself is a very important link to maintain skin function, we must pay attention to it!

The formation cycle of the cuticle is about 28 days. If the old waste cutin can't peel off normally and accumulate thick on the surface, the cells inside can't penetrate, then all kinds of skin problems will come.

Problem 1: because the light refracts or scatters, causes the skin to be dark, has no luster;

Problem 2: aging, wrinkles, blackhead acne and large pores come to your door;

Problem 3: affect the absorption of maintenance products, no matter how good the maintenance products can not be absorbed by the living cells under the block of thick cuticle. Make your skin care is wasted.

Exfoliation can remove the aging dead cells and rough horniness of the skin, which can make the skin appear delicate and smooth. At the same time, it can remove the melanin covered on the skin surface and make the skin white and bright. In addition, proper exfoliation can make skin care products absorb more effectively and achieve better efficacy.


How to judge whether need exfoliation?

Does everyone need exfoliation?

Of course not in theory!

If your skin is smooth and shiny

It shows that your skin's exfoliation function is very good

You can keep yourself in good condition without any external force

What kind of skin needs exfoliation?

For healthy skin, need not exfoliate to see the state of the skin. If this happens, then you really need to exfoliate.

1. The skin looks a little dark, and the touch is a little rough and uneven;

2. after using the cream and cream, the skin care products are floating on the surface of the skin for a long time and can not be absorbed by the skin.

Oily skin is best to regular exfoliation (can be one to two weeks to exfoliate), but not too often. The oil on the surface of the oil skin is just like an adhesive for the cuticle, which will increase the difficulty of the cuticle falling off. Therefore, it is more necessary to exfoliate.

Mixed skin occasionally exfoliate in the T-zone and oily areas. (it can be three weeks or once a month)

Dry skin is best when the skin is really rough can exfoliate, the frequency should be low. It is mainly to make up water and maintain. (about once every two months is enough. In fact, if the skin is very dry, you can not do it. For desert skin, you can consider not doing it.)


Problems with exfoliation

Q1: the more things you rub out, the better the product?

NO Don't be misled by your own eyes! The cutin on the face and the "mud" in the product can't be distinguished at all. If the skin care products are made of carbomer and xanthan gum, you can rub off a lot of things with three or two times, causing the illusion of exfoliation. In fact, they're not cuticles at all, they're thickeners. So we should pay attention to the ingredients when choosing exfoliating products!

Q2: can cutin be completely removed?

Certainly not, because our skin cells are renewable. After 28 days of cycle, after the old skin cells die, new skin cells continue to regenerate. Therefore, the production of keratin is also continuous, as long as regular cleaning is good~

Q3: how should you care after exfoliation?

When you go to the keratin, you must take a moisturizing mask to relieve yourself. Apply the cream and lock the water. Exfoliation makes the cuticle thinner, so the skin barrier is relatively fragile. Although, this time the skin care products better absorbed, but the water on the face is also easy to lose. So moisturizing is essential!

Exfoliation is important

But it's also an after the fact remedy

But the best

Or do you have to adjust your schedule

Don't stay up late

Avoid long-term spicy stimulation frying and other heavy mouth

Eat more fruits, strengthen exercise, relax and reduce stress

Keep yourself the best and the youngest~