The skin doesn't get better. It's likely that your skin care methods are Wrong


The skin doesn't get better. It's likely that your skin care methods are Wrong

It's time for the new season challenge again. Recently, my roommate always says that his skin is poor, and his skin care is not effective every day, and the product is hard to absorb.

In fact, many of them are not skin care products. Maybe your skin care method is wrong, and you want skin care products to play its role. Be sure to master the correct use method.

1 Cleansing:

Washing face is a necessary step every day, and cleaning face is really important. In addition to choosing the appropriate facial cleanser according to your skin type, you also need to take care of every part of your face to ensure that the whole face is washed clean.

Hand wash

First of all, I would like to tell you the frequency of cleaning, dry skin once a day, oily skin mixed with oily skin twice a day, dry skin can be washed with water in the morning, the water temperature is warm, and facial cleanser is used in the evening. If you don't need to use a strong cleansing milk in the morning, you can wash the grease secreted on your face. You can use a cleaner one at night.

Wash face milk in the face before you must first make bubbles, try not to create a burden on the skin, and then from the bottom up against the pores circle.

Especially the T area to the nose wing position, it is easy to clean not in place, and then produce white head and black head, these parts can be cleaned carefully.

Use a cleanser

Cleanser is not recommended and sensitive muscle use, oil skin 2-3 times a week on the line, but must be used correctly, will have a good cleaning effect.

The cleanser is the same as above. First use the foam before starting the face. Be sure to pay attention to the hairline and cheek edge, a lot of long acne is because the cleaning is not in place, not washed clean.

2 Toner:

Direct shooting

The face has just been cleaned, the pores are in a fully opened state, and the skin is relatively delicate, so the technique should be gradual and orderly. There are two ways to use make-up water.

1. Pressing the whole face with fingertips is actually to bring cosmetic water to the skin and promote the circulation and absorption of the face at the same time.

2. Close the fingers with the palm clap, relatively speaking, the first one is more able to shoot to the corner, and this one is larger in scope and slightly heavier in strength, which is more suitable for pressing after fingertip spring.

the process of increasing the strength of skin care techniques is also the process of skin adaptation. It can naturally infiltrate the stratum corneum step by step, making the skin transition to a full state, promoting circulation, but not too stimulating.

Make up cotton

Thin cuticle is not recommended to use cotton, cuticle thick, need to regularly remove waste cuticle, you can use cotton pad gently wipe the skin surface.  this will not only remove the residue from the skin, but also leave moisture in the toner, so that the skin will not become dry due to wiping.

Three: Cream

Emulsification absorption

Like the autumn and winter cream products, the texture will usually be heavy and heavy, so it must be emulsified in front of the face. Otherwise, the face may not be pushed directly, and it is difficult to absorb. The cream is finished (the emulsion can skip the emulsification step), and it is applied to the palm of the hand, then slightly rubbed up a bit, and the sauce is pressed on the face.

Lift massage

Pressing on the face is the basic absorption. If you want to pursue better skin care effect, you can try pulling massage, but lifting doesn't mean pressing on the face casually. It still needs a more detailed approach. Here are some techniques for you to learn.

The lifting of the face is mainly aimed at the drooping of the face and various lines. When lifting the face, you can massage it from the forehead through the temple and mandible to the neck, which can promote the lymphatic circulation, improve the zigzag pattern and slight swelling.

the lifting of the face is to use the protruding position of the tiger mouth under the apple muscle to lift the edge line of the cheek, improve the law line, and make the apple muscle full and lift up.

also, remember not to squeeze the skin hard, which can backfire.

after the completion of the whole nursing technique

You will find your face more moist and shiny!

Have you learned such meticulous skin care techniques?